Thursday, October 13, 2011

Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling has become a major phenomenon in the world of internet. Storytelling is a form of art done on the internet, people use their imagination to create a story by using pictures, videos, music, and more. There are many kinds of digital storytelling, there is the video, design, writing digital storytelling and many more.
I will try to give an idea about the video and the design digital storytelling. The video digital storytelling basically uses videos to tell a story while the design digital storytelling depends more on graphical design and pictures to express the idea in a creative way.
Digital Storytelling 2011 welcome screen

Here is an example of video digital storytelling

And here is an example of a design digital storytelling

the birds

Here are some tips about how to manage a digital storytelling project. And here is a blog that is using digital storytelling as advertisement. And this is another blog that gives a bit more details about digital storytelling and its types.
We can see there are many people interested is this area recently, and I would suggest people to try and participate in such projects because they are interesting and there are no limitations as long as we have imagination.

Image 1: Digital Storytelling 2011 welcome screen by digistorytellin through CC licensing.

Image 2: the birds by Norma Desmond through CC licensing.