Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Being An Artist


"We Are All Artists" Or that's what Timmmmyboy said in his presentation. I listened to his presentation and he had a pretty interesting idea of art and being an artist. He has an idea that everybody is an artist and we can all be artists, he says we do not have to be good at painting or drawing to become an actual artists but we can practice to become better. He says that creativity is not inharited but it's just like sports where people have to practice to become better.
Timmmmyboy also mentioned that being in a creative environment can help a person to be better in art, for example a child who's parents are artists or writers, they grow up in that environment and naturally become artists as well, he thinks that ds106 could provide that environment for us.
He talks about how people tend to say they are not artists and they just cant draw or can't be creative and he encourages them not to act like that and be more positive and believe that everyone can be creative. Timmmmyboy believes that we can be more creative when we feel uncomfortable, he gives the example of Breakfast is Overrated and he says for example you can be more creative in the morning if you don't have breakfast or at midnight when your stomach is empty.

The part that got my interest the most was the "Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary" part, he gave the example of the coffee filters and how the producers came up with a way to make it easier to get out one coffee filter without ruining the box and getting more than one filter out, he also talked about using old videos and remix them to be more creative, and that's what made me think of the Surfin' Bird which we had a talk about in the class and we are doing it as a final project. What Family Guy producers did is they took an old song and recreated a seen and it actually worked, it became so famous that everybody started searching for the origin of that song.

Timmmmyboy has a point of view, but personally I do not enjoy being an artists, I would prefere to enjoy the art instead of being the artists. I have tried it a few times, I have taken drawing lessons, music lessons, pottery lessons but I never really enjoyed it. Maybe after all it's just not meant for some people to be artists.

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  1. good post. although i understood timmmyboy's points i wasnt too sure either i agreed.