Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Identity Theft

Identity theft is stealing someone else's information such as name, age, gender, address and using them to commit a crime or steal money or get hired with that  person's information. This has become a major way of theft because it is safe and the risks of getting caught are small. In America identity theft is becoming so common, and the rate is almost doubling every year. This is a serious issue because it causes so much problems to the victims, the people who got their identity stolen, because when the identity stealer commits a crime with another person's identity, that person will be in trouble. Famous and rich people are easy targets for identity thieves because they have money and it is easy to get to their personal information.
How to get all these information about the victims? The answer is easy: The internet is the easiest way to get information about people, specially the social networks, for example Facebook, people enter all their personal information without even knowing who sees them and how safe they are. People can steal our information from Facebook so easily and do fraud with it.

How should we protect ourselves from identity theft? We can never protect ourselves 100% but we can reduce the risks, we should not put all of our important personal information on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and we should be more careful when we are buying something online or whenever a website requires us to enter personal information, we should be sure that the website is trusted and safe to the our information first, and when we are sure, we should enter our information.

Final Exam Question:
Q:where was the first virus created?

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